Monday, September 13, 2010

My creative juices were flowing yesterday.

First im sharing a LO of my former self at 18 ( gasp that was a loonngg time ago folks). The papers were great the bright colors and floral print in my dress I think all the handmade flowers really brought it all together.
The other pic are some handmade flourishes ive scraplifted from Prima. I just used pearlized or glitter puffy paint and put them on acetate from bling packaging and followed the guidelines on plastic. I created I know!! But look with the economy the way it is I cant afford to use two or three on a layout this way I can.
My photo tutorial still using the crap camera and close up arent clear at all. Since Im the one with the new cool computer I had to fight for it all sunday and finally gave up. I did confirm though I should be able to do it with webcam...if not ive got to unbox the flipcam. Happy week scrappers

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