Thursday, February 24, 2011

Im a bad blogger...

Well I cant believe so many days have gone by since my last post. Ive been aweful busy and making a lot of progress on getting the new office up and running. Found furniture and had the new desks delivered and set up this week, they look great! Got phone, cable, internet all in. Network will be all set up tomorrow and oh boy I get to set up voice mail tree.Still have some file cabinets, small desk for assistants, and lobby furniture. But I still have till March 15th.
No time to craft to speak! Maybe soon

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Im back.....MN was to cold.

Well I arrived home last night safe and sound. My trip was great I got to spend more time with Long and Tracey, their wifes, and the staff out there. It was good to see the operation in action.
Was also able to hit Mall of America for a few hrs before I left. WOW that place has it all let me tell you. The one store I was most excited by was Archivers and it didnt disappoint. I will share my haul later.
I also managed to get the FLU

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

headed to MN-the frozen tundra

Well im packed and ready to go.....leaving the Sunshine state and about 75-80 degree hmmmm. The high tomorrow is 38 and Friday back into 20's! Im not sure being the "florida girl" that I am I will adjust well! LOL I must admit im alittle excited at the idea of seeing snow fall. Not the gloomy gray days, bone chilling cold, and slush that used to be snow they have right now.
A trip of business not pleasure but im fitting in the Mall of America thanks to my wonderful boss! Im going to spend a couple days to see how the office works, the systems they use and how to implement it all in our new office opening March 1st! We have secured a office space and its a great location, good floorplan, and decor. So much to do to get up and running and the men in charge are awesome and have done so much already. Getting very excited with it all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

there coming there coming.....the Boss's

Well tomorrow evening the guys will be here and our 2 days of jam packed activities begin! Several interviews, appts to see office space, getting office furniture, and town tour! Tonight and tomorrow morning im going over all the details of things that we need to get done while they are here. The list gets longer everytime I look at it(cause I remember something else). But at any rate im very EXCITED and looking forward to getting things up and running and get offically employed again!
Time off has been nice but im BORED yep I cant believe it myself but only so much claning, laundry, crafting, and babysitting can be done before you get stir crazy.
Will update everyone on my adventure friday or saturday. Keep you fingers crossed Ive thought of everything and we are good to go!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

trying to furnish a office..sounds fun right???? NOT

Ive never had such a hard time picking out 4 desks, a conference table! I see one thing and think oh yeah is perfect and then find oh 10 things that I dont like about it. Went to 3 discount furniture stores and even a thrift store on Saturday and a big fat 0. So im headed off tomorrow to another couple places. I found 1 yes only 1 out of the 4 I need on Craigslist that I would love for my office. But then I think well maybe they should all be the same uniform desk throughout you know. Hmmmm
Im going to have to think on that one since they wont all be in the same office so why do they need to match?
The white one is one I like for me...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super busy..lots of projects in the works!

Wow its been a very full week so far. Ive crafted my little butt off in the evenings. I dont think ive produced that many lo's in a month ever. My creative juices are OVER flowing. Maybe its the excitement of CHA and all the new yummy lines that I cant wait to get my hands on.
Also getting the new office up and running is coming together quickly. I will love to be working and making $ again. Been looking at some potenial office spaces and let me tell ya there so such a huge variety for the $ here. I think I have found my top 2 but I really need to get inside the second one. But location is perfect, the layout is perfect and the price is right so that is a good sign. When Long and Tracey get into town next week I should have my top 3 to choose from. Then we can get things signed and start moving!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well its official im OLD and my babies are graduating

I spent 2 hrs last night picking out Announcement,thank you cards,seal etc. for the boy. I cant believe he is done officially in just a few short mths. It seems like yesterday when I delivered him and held him the first time, when he started school and teared up for his mommy, when he got his first truck and now. :-(
Well my daughter isnt far behind him at all she will be done by August and graduating then. So in about 2 mths I get to do it all over again with her. :-(
I am happy with the timing of my new job and the company start up because I will be so involved and busy with it I wont notice when they leave the nest as much. (pshhh who am I kidding?) Im going to be driving my hubby nuts for sure!
Well im really enjoying seeing all the videos and pics of new products coming from CHA and super excited about getting my grubby little hands on them. Hope you are Too!!!