Monday, January 31, 2011

new biz cards pics..uggghhh

Over the years I have simply shyed away from the camera when ever humanly possible. So of course new job new cards....cant I just use the pic from 10 yrs ago when I had less wrinkles, frown lines, dark circles, and a turkey neck???? Pleassssseeeee.
Sothat did.nt work. I had a few test pics done today and I cant see any I truely love (lets be serious unless I look like catherine zeta jones im not happy) So here are the bottom 3 any thoughts would be great

Friday, January 28, 2011

My adorable Nephew

Had to share this video of the most adorable baby in the world. My nephew is such a lil doll. Also more news on the new job. Things are coming together quickly and I will be back working in March it looks like. It will still take some time to get office space, set up, get licensed with DBPR and alot more. But each day we are one step closer. Im so excited!! Im going to Minnesota for 3 days in 2 wks to see how they run the office there, get an idea of the programs and so forth. Im such a Florida girl I cant imagine all the snow and cold weather I will be getting into there. But should be a adventure. I will share more as I can.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New layouts as promised

Here are several layouts ive got done in the past week or so. Been going crazy with flowers again. Hope you like them

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I offical

Glad I took the refresher course it really made a difference today. I felt like I may have missed 5-10 max on the entire exam. So yeah!!!
Ive been crafting like crazy several new lo's, flowers, and even a valentine decoration or two. I must say with the stress of the new job coming up and getting the licenses I need to do my job its been nice to put it all aside and Craft-just make my version of ART. Pics to come.
The partners are coming to town late next week to find us and Office space. Then once we get leases in order we can get furniture and equipment so we are rolling by March 1. I will be going to Minnasota for 3 or 4 days to see how the office works there so this one can be set up the same. Get a handle on the systems they use and so on. Very excited about the whole process....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Test take 2....

Well im one of the 60 something% who fail. Jeezzzz it is impossiable to study around here I swear between interviewing for jobs and trying to get the license im on serious OVERLOAD.
So here is my NEW plan.....a Cram class refresher on Tuesday and retest later in the week after hiding out from my family to study either at libraray or in my office. I also know my new bosses are going to have some fun stuff I need to do as well so ive got to buckle down and GET IR DONE! as they say in the south.
On a light note I had a sleepover with my fave lil man Clay and will share a couple pics with you....he is almost 5mths now and getting so big.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh boy am I a blog slacker

I cant believe it was last thursday when I blogged last. Sorry guys. Last week was a bit crazy. I had my 3rd interview with the realty company im really hoping to go to work for. Babysat my favorite little man, got a call back from one job that was commission only ( that would work if I wasnt broke already). At any rate im back alittle discourged but here.
Also got my flowers ordered from Julebox they are sooooo much to play with and I have been.I did 3 or 4 lo's tha I will share later this week.
Back into Study Mode and I have the test soon so im spending almost my entire day with my nose in the books. I will post again tomorrow or maybe later tonight with those pics.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Crafty start

I must say ive been very productive so far in 2011. Several pages done, xmas minibook, and flowers made. I did finaaly break down and order some flowers from Can hardly wait to get them and share. They are much much cheaper than Prima even with shipping from the UK. I will share more soon on that and my new pages.
Studing for my Real Estate exam which is next no time to craft for the next week at least. Also on the job hunt ive had a second interview arranged for tomorrow with the company I would love to work for. This job offers alot of advancement. Fingers crossed.

Happy crafting

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Art Festival

We went to the Art festival today. It was held in downtown and they blocked off about 6 blocks, food vendors, the whole nine yards. Although there were so many amazing painting,photos,pottery and jewelry it was soooooo expensive. I found 2 things I loved a photo put on 3 canvas pieces of the local pier at sunset but it was 500.00 and a ring made of silver and a mystic fire topez that had the most amazing shape that was 260.00. So needless to say we walked, enjoyed the sights, ans left the same as most I would suspect. I guess I need to stick to the Arts and Craft venues!! more my price range. LOL

Friday, January 7, 2011

Job prospects

Thank good ness finally two good jobs ive interviewed for this week. Both are right up my alley and offer room to advance and use my real estate background and will allow me to do sales if I choose. The one im most excited about is opening a new office here with a company from MN moving into our areas who deal with REO's. Did a Skype interview will one exec. and owner is coming into town this weekend and ive got a second interview with him. So fingers crossed everyone please.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my adorable nana calls him

My mom took these pics of my nephew Clay just before xmas.

Monday, January 3, 2011

XMas Mini Book

This is a clear album I used from bo bunny I think? Anyway...the papers are from a kit from oversees and im not sure who makes the paper but it was a lovely collection. I used several handmade element and added sparkle and bling here and there. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new year is off to a bumpy start

Well I dont think fighting into the new year with my teenage daughter was not my idea of ringin in the New Year. So tomorrow im offically calling a "DO OVER" and starting

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on 2011

Well another year has come and gone.....2010 brought so many challenges in our family I am kind of glad it has come to an end. I will say we have learned alot from it and been able to wade through it and try to see the good or lesson from each one.
Soooooo 2011 please bring our family and Friends a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year.!!! Not sure some of us can handle another year like the last and I know my family isnt the only one. I pray the lord gives us each new found strentgh to overcome any struggle or challenge. I pray for inner guidance for myself to find what im looking for. To reach my goals and never stop reaching for more this year.
Love to all!!!