Sunday, March 20, 2011

my weekend was great how about yours??

Friday night we got to have Clay for the night. I swear he is the sweetest baby ever. Tons of fun now he has his first tooth, about ready to crawl, and trying to say words.These are pics from the night.
Then we helped my brother get his new furniture delivered and set up and ending up having a late lunch with them. Is it was nice to visit with them. Got a little bit of running around today done. Bought myself the InStyler the new hair straightner. Works pretty good. I think once I trim my hair tuesday it will be easier.
Looking for a great week I have family coming down from Indianan I havent seen in several yrs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life sidetracked by a hospital visit.ugh

My poor hubby ended up in the er monday night and got admitted for 3 days and was poked, stabbed, tortured and got no sleep. But at this point thank good he didnt have a heart attack. This was angina which from what they told us it the "pre" heart attack. Any blockage troy has is under 30% so they cant do anything other tham meds anyway. Poor guy though the entire thing scared him to DEATH. We are going to have to really work on our eating habits and get his blood sugar under control and weight down. So SouthBeach Diet here we come and im pulling out my walking shoes and hitting the pavement.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stressed....I need to scrap!!

Things have been really crazy for about a month now and its all starting to catch up with me. I made 2 trips to Comp USA and 2 trips to Best Buy to get everything I needed for my office computer and still need 1 more thing that I am ordering online so I can run the triple monitor system. I think I drove for an hour total back and forth. Then our road to the office was closed, blocked off with at least and I kid you not 10 cop cars,bomb squad,fire trucks and god only knows what else. Turns out something left a backpack at the door of a dr's office and they called cops thinking it was a BOMB! Turns out it was just a backpack---school books and all. They even had the bomb robot open it. That is what the state of our country has turned into. Its scary really scary. I couldnt imagine living in the middleeast where car bombs are the norm. It reminds me even though things have changed and dont feel as safe as we used too we are still very very lucky to be where we are in the world.
I should be able to find sometime to scrap this week and weekend. Troy is traveling so I have a little more time on my hands. I just got my flower diecuts from Julebox and cant wait to dig into them.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My nephew is 6mths old

Is this baby adorable or what? I swear he is the most adorable baby and so freaking sweet you want to eat him up. lol