Tuesday, February 15, 2011

headed to MN-the frozen tundra

Well im packed and ready to go.....leaving the Sunshine state and about 75-80 degree days...to hmmmm. The high tomorrow is 38 and Friday back into 20's! Im not sure being the "florida girl" that I am I will adjust well! LOL I must admit im alittle excited at the idea of seeing snow fall. Not the gloomy gray days, bone chilling cold, and slush that used to be snow they have right now.
A trip of business not pleasure but im fitting in the Mall of America thanks to my wonderful boss! Im going to spend a couple days to see how the office works, the systems they use and how to implement it all in our new office opening March 1st! We have secured a office space and its a great location, good floorplan, and decor. So much to do to get up and running and the men in charge are awesome and have done so much already. Getting very excited with it all.

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