Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well its official im OLD and my babies are graduating

I spent 2 hrs last night picking out Announcement,thank you cards,seal etc. for the boy. I cant believe he is done officially in just a few short mths. It seems like yesterday when I delivered him and held him the first time, when he started school and teared up for his mommy, when he got his first truck and now. :-(
Well my daughter isnt far behind him at all she will be done by August and graduating then. So in about 2 mths I get to do it all over again with her. :-(
I am happy with the timing of my new job and the company start up because I will be so involved and busy with it I wont notice when they leave the nest as much. (pshhh who am I kidding?) Im going to be driving my hubby nuts for sure!
Well im really enjoying seeing all the videos and pics of new products coming from CHA and super excited about getting my grubby little hands on them. Hope you are Too!!!

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