Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super busy..lots of projects in the works!

Wow its been a very full week so far. Ive crafted my little butt off in the evenings. I dont think ive produced that many lo's in a month ever. My creative juices are OVER flowing. Maybe its the excitement of CHA and all the new yummy lines that I cant wait to get my hands on.
Also getting the new office up and running is coming together quickly. I will love to be working and making $ again. Been looking at some potenial office spaces and let me tell ya there so such a huge variety for the $ here. I think I have found my top 2 but I really need to get inside the second one. But location is perfect, the layout is perfect and the price is right so that is a good sign. When Long and Tracey get into town next week I should have my top 3 to choose from. Then we can get things signed and start moving!!!

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