Friday, September 17, 2010

Got to spend time with my nephew....

Last night I was able to go visit lil man Clay and he has grown in the six days ive not seen him. Of course he was spleeping when I got there so I caught up on Dawn and Craig and the dr's reports on little clay man. Who has gained 1 lbs since he left hospital. After he nursed and had a full belyy he was in the "milk coma" they call it. He is just laid back, all chill, and eyes wide open checking out the world. I sure wish my Maw Maw was here to seem him and see how much he looks like her "Craigy" and what a good man and father he has become. She loved babies and was always so happy when a new one was born into our family. We have a cradle that was made like 27 yrs ago that most grandkids, and all the great grandkids have slept in and now it in Clays room just waiting for him to grow alittle. Its amazing how much ive thought of those weve lost since his birth. I hope he got alittle bit of MawMaw and Uncle Jims souls from god. I look forward to everyday with this little guy and plan to be his favorite aunt.

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