Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day already....

Wow im a slacker for sure. I cant believe its been four days since I last posted.
I was super busy getting my dh ready for his 2 wks business trip and getting all the kids activites for the week lined up and worked out. Yesterday I got to watch my son for the first time at one of his Golf Tournaments and he played his best ever.(I think I was his good luck charm) Very very proud of his determination and skill with this game and sticking with it even though his coach sucks(he is basketball coach at school and only plays golf like twice a year). He lieaves frustrated many days but keeps on trucking. Lexi has been looking for a part time job steady since June and still nothing. She is getting frustrated with the whole process but still out there and thats what counts.
I will be locking myself in my scraproom this weekend and doing some more videos. So look for the post

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