Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tomorrow is D Day

Tomorrow is my Fl Real Estate Exam....they say only 60% pass it the first time. Those arent great odds! Ive studied so much im thinking I will forget it all. The formulas are my down fall. If I have them in front of me its no owrries I can do the math. Some of the laws im a bit sketchy on but most im good to go. Say a Pray for me -----this would be a AWESOME christmas gift for myself I tell ya just to know ive accomplished it is HUGE. Since being laid off my self esteem has been in the crapper(for lack of a better term) and a boost to the ole ego would be awesome.Well im saying prayers and hoping for a Christmas miracle.

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  1. Oh I so remember the day I took my test a # of years ago. The formulas were hard for me too. But once you get them down you have it. Will say a pray for you. Just take a deep breath and know it will be ok.......