Thursday, December 23, 2010


New test date after the holidays. Blah dont even want to think about it until after the New Year.

Well we have offically finsihed Christmas shopping for the kids,nephew, and lil something for moms and sis in law. The mall was pretty crazy but glad we went early. Even got to pick out my gifts fromt he hubs...lots of yummy Bath and Body Works products and 2 new shirts and a pair of capri dressy pants. Pretty sweet.
We finally pulled out one family tradition tonight and went together and looked at Christmas lights all over town. Then topped it off with holiday milk shakes. yummy ( so paying for that later). Tomorrow getting the food and cookie stuff. The kids and I will make sugar cookies(tradition #2) in the afternoon and then after dinner they will get to open one gift that is marked under the tree. Their xmas jammies they get every year!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and would love to hear of anyone elses traditions.

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