Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memories from 2010

Some funny, sad,happy and memorable moments from my 2010.
Jan. Learned a hard lesson about trust
Feb Learned to stand on my own two feet
March Sea World get away with just Troy
April Young family came to visit from Ohio
May My gray hairs are getting much worse
June Saw a 4D unltrasound of my nephew
July getting lexi ready for new school, and Troy for his Senior Year
August Schools in...learning Ive got no patience for am drop off
Sept Labor Day my nephew is born Clay Allen Mathews
Oct My son turns 18...reality of my age sitting in.(holy shit im old)
November My bday-another old age reminder,Went back to school after 20 yrs
December im not a good "umemployed"person...the boredom kicked in. Holidays...hmm not as fun this year(no job = no $). Looking forward to a NEW YEAR....NEW START

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