Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Neglected my blog :-(

Sorry everyone ive been offline in the "blog world" for so long. Ive had alot of stuff not so good kind of stuff happening in my life. Learning to roll with the punches a bit and picking up the pieces. Ive been digging pretty deep since losing my job trying to figure out what do I really want to do? What kind of job would make me happy? Still have time for my family and be make me feel accomplished in some small way. At any rate im still working on most of those points but making some progress and moving in the right direction I think.
I havent scrapped in over 2 wks- Ive really not felt creative for even a moment. Well ok a moment but not long enough to get to the other side of the house to the scrap room. Yes, its really that bad. Ive decided to stop feeling this way and try to use scrapping to be an outlet for the stressers Ive got going on right now. Im going to get in there this weekend but because ive got a secret project in the works I honestly dont have much spare time for myself. But even 30 minutes a day is my goal. Im going to share a few new things ive found online I want to scraplift.
Hang in there with me.

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